Monica Andrés Lacasta - Navarra, Spain

Welcome to my new blog in which I interview some of my favourite photographers and artists that I have discovered through Instagram. 

First up is Monica Andrés Lacasta, a street photographer from Navarra in Northern Spain. I can't remember exactly how I first came across Monica's work, but I remember being immediately impressed and I always look forward to her posts. For me, there is something classic to her photography, and you can really trace the influence of some of the artists that Monica refers to in the interview. 

I hope you enjoy this new little project of mine and please do check out Monica's work!


Firstly, can you tell me a little about yourself, where you’re from and where your passion for photography comes from?

I'm from Spain, from the province of Navarra in the north.

My passion for photography began in 2009 and although I've always liked it a lot, it was not until that year thanks to my partner who is a photographer, that I felt the urge to go out and try it.

Street and travel photography both feature heavily in your work, what type of photographer do you consider yourself to be?

I am a street photographer, humanist, I like what I see around me and I take photos. Only that.

You have two accounts on Instagram, one is a collection of street and travel photography and the other is of self-portraits that are a combination of the sensual and abstract. Do the two styles reflect different sides to your personality or is it part of a single creative approach?

They are different sides of my personality, with one I capture the humanistic side of what surrounds me, the protagonist is the environment and I try to capture it in my photos.

With the other side, besides being a photographer, I am the model and this part of me expresses what I feel in the photos.

Your photography has quite a classic style, is this something that you set out to achieve and, if so, what photographers have influenced your style?

It's not something I set out to achieve, but photographers are often influenced by the styles of others. I love the photos of H.Cartier-Bresson, Ferdinando Scianna, Cristina Garcia Rodero, Jeanloup Sieff .. and many others ..

How do you approach your shots, do you go out with a plan on where you like to shoot, or do you just see where your feet and camera lead you?

I go where my feet and camera lead me. I never know where I'm going to end up.

What would your ideal photographic day be like?

A day when you go out on the street with the camera early and without realizing it, it´s night and you have to go back.

What is it that you’re looking for when you’re out on the streets with your camera?

I'm not looking for anything in particular, but when I see something that strikes me, I take a photo.

What kit do you shoot with?

I do shoot with nikon d7000 and sometimes olympus om2, canonet 28 and olympus trip35.

How much editing do you do, and what is your approach to editing?

I do very little editing. I convert the raw in jpg, I put it black and white and I move the histogram.

Do you have any goals for your photography and, if so, what are they and where do you see your photography taking you?

The only goal I have is to have a good day when I take pictures. I love walking, see different things, enjoy what surrounds me, nothing more ..

Who are your favourite instagrammers?

Well, I do not usually have favorites, I can name my boyfriend and some photographers friends that I like a lot.

@thierrygallega,@yannick.toral, @alain.keler, @chrisgarvi, @fredbeveziers, @pauline.alioua and of course, you @areyoulookingclosely_ldn

I asked you to select 5 of your images that you most like, I know it’s a hard job to select just 5, but why did you choose these images?

Well, I think my photographic style is well reflected in them.

Finally, where can we follow your work?